Archaeological Museum in Sozopol


Interesting and fascinating is the story of Sozopol. In the past this city was so important and powerful that it was called Apolonia Magna (The Great). In the past the whole city was protected by walls and watchtowers to protect it from invaders and conquerors. The city center was decorated and adorned with numerous statues of deities, such as 13-meter statue of Apollo, which was attributed as a trophy by the Roman legions that conquered and burned the city in 72 BC.

The Archaeological Museum of Sozopol is sheltered part of the great history of this ancient city. Museum itself is included in the book with a hundred sites in Bulgaria at number eight. The collection of the museum includes archaeological finds dating from the fifth millennium BC to the 18th century, as well as works of Christian art, evolving during 17-19 century. The museum is also a center for underwater archeology, operating since 1980, revealing our part of buried underwater, but revived history of the city.

Archaeological Museum of Sozopol was founded in 1961 in the information provided by the Holy Synod of the Church Building “St. Cyril and Methodius”. The museum is a major cultural institution in the municipality. Findings presented at the museum are remarkable, unique materials from ancient times to the ancient and medieval periods, giving us information about the life and development of the local population of 5 mil. until the 17th century. You can see the interesting artifacts of stone houses, primitive tools and pottery that you could not see preserved and stored in any other museum in Bulgaria. The museum offers its visitors a vast collection of Greek vases, amphorae preserved over 120 painted in style with red and black, coins, statues, and the richest in the world collection of anchors. Cemeteries were located outside the walls of the city and in the nearby hills there are numerous mounds, which are found priceless artifacts transferred to the museum.

Apart from the Archaeological Museum in Sozopol, Part Finds in Apollonia can be found in the Museum of Natsionalnoistoricheskiya Bulgaria and even the Louvre. Many exhibits can be seen from the time possession was Sozopol and Bulgaria, which are mostly coins.

Each year in the territory of Sozopol are found various artifacts from ancient and medieval Apollonia, which are exhibited in the museum for visitors can admire them and feel the magnetism of another era.
Archaeological Museum in Sozopol is an obligatory destination for all lovers of history, wanting to feel the spirit of the past and explore and enjoy the preserved artifacts. Numerous unique collection of the museum can not disappoint those who want a taste of the history of the old town.

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