Bulgarian Black Sea Coast


Bulgarian Black Sea coast extends for a total length of 378 km of which are as much as 70 beach. It is famous for its scenic coastline and clear water around which are numerous welcoming holiday villages and resorts offering comfort. It all adds up to a wonderful experience for all the tourists who come to spend their holiday on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Beaches are known as environmentally friendly, with fine golden sand and the water is twice lower salinity than as the Mediterranean. In sea water there are no dangerous animals to worry about spending their vacation, instead you can enjoy the common dolphins in the sea.

Bulgaria has a wonderful and rare combination of sea and mountain, making it even more popular and a popular destination for visitors from home and abroad. Balkan Mountains to the north and south of the Strandja Mountain offer extremely beneficial vacation for those seeking tranquility and relaxation in nature.

Summer Bulgarian Black Sea coast is warm, and winters are mild. Eastern exposure of the coastline is a prerequisite tourists can start with its sunny terrace and sea bathing since morning.
Water sports are very common attraction offered in almost all Bulgarian resorts, specifically for adrenaline seekers and the entertainment of tourists who wish to remember their holiday not only for sunbathing, but with something more unique, unique and memorable. Offered such sports are water skiing, windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, fishing, yachting, and let’s not forget the numerous water parks, which also have the opportunity to experience quite extreme moments.

Cultural heritage of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast has also left its lasting impression on the entire landscape. The lands have been inhabited since ancient times for spiritual and cultural rich nations, so today there are an extremely large number of preserved historic sites and monuments that are magnetic and interesting for all who want to feel and experience the bygone eras and times.

The area around the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is rich in many natural and cultural attractions. These are reserve “Roporamo” and reserve “Kamchiya” offering our vast biodiversity. To see them in more detail, feel free to seek the services of boats or boats with which to ride along the river to relax and just enjoy the scenery. Other places you should visit when vacation at the Bulgarian Black Sea coast are breathtaking Stone Forest near Varna, Aladza monastery Alepu Marsh, natural phenomenon Beglik Tash, the Botanical Garden in Balchik Duranculak Lake, Cape Emine.

Black Sea coast of Bulgaria’s popular and that is the main route for birds migrating from Europe to Africa, called Via Pontic, which favors the observation and recording of a huge variety of birds.

Bulgarian Black Sea coast is a place where each person finds his paradise and necessarily returns to live it again.

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