Fascinating Sozopol


International tourism is the main occupation of the local population of the town of Sozopol, whose old town was declared a city-museum. The city offers a great opportunity for eco-tourism, underwater fishing, cultural tourism has a large tourist base, offering comfort, luxury and entertainment of visitors. The seaside town you can even have fun on the golf course and enjoy unforgettable moments in the park, and will undoubtedly be attracted by the beautiful beaches magnetic – Paradise Beach, King’s Beach, Kavatsite sand beach.

There are numerous attractions that everyone is made to that dream, fascinating and memorable holiday destination to visit. One of them is the mystical ancient necropolis in which are found many priceless objects preserved from ancient painted pottery, jewelry and other important archaeological finds. Have been preserved to the present day, and parts of defensive walls and towers of the city, built in 511, and used as a defensive tool against invasions of barbarian tribes. In places the walls reach up to 3-4 meters. Walking along the narrow cobblestone streets and the sight of beautiful houses in town delivers indispensable feast for the eyes.

Be sure to visit the monastery complex on the island of “Saint John”. This island has been declared a natural and archeological reserve. It is located about a kilometer from the city. It was on this island is a temple of Apollo, which was destroyed by the Roman legions. In its place was later built “St. Mary “. After it is built monastery “St. John,” who later centuries was destroyed by the pirate fleet. Preserved ruins of this historic site can be seen today.

Of the old town of Sozopol have found traces of the existence of the 28 medieval churches. Many of them were destroyed during the Ottoman rule, but some of them have been restored by the local population, and at the other chapels were built. Some of the most visited by tourists churches – “Virgin Mary”, built in the 15th century, which is under protection of UNESCO. The largest church in Sozopol is “St. George” in the center of Old Town. Other churches, gathering attention and the attention of visitors to the seaside town are “St. Zosim” and “St. St. Cyril and Methodius “.

The museum complex “Southern Wall and Tower” is also binding site for tourists. It consists of grain, south wall and an ancient well. Here you can see out of the barracks guards guarded the city wall. Sozopol has ethnographic exhibition, art gallery and library. You should not miss to visit the Archaeological Museum of Sozopol, outlining the unique ancient artifacts dating from the 5th century BC. until the 17th century.

Being extremely beautiful and inspiring natural attractions can visit estuary “Ropotamo” – it is navigable and you can ride on a boat and the area around it was declared a natural park. Other recreation areas are marshy lake “Arkutino” rock formation “Lion head” sea bays “Alepu” and “Kavatsite.”

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