Green Hills Hotel Sozopol

Located 34 km south of Bourgas Bulgaria, Sozopol (City of salvation) is one of the oldest settlements along the Bulgarian coast. The town is situated on two rocky peninsula surrounded on three islands and the most picturesque beaches of Bulgaria & just a short walk to Sozopol Beach. Sozopol is a significant port in the past but today is a favorite city for recreation and entertainment with its beauty, clean and warm sea water, architecture and hospitable locals. The central beach offers fine sand and crystal clear sea. The second beach – “Harman”, located in the new part of town, has a long beach and relaxed atmosphere. If you prefer looking for a quiet place to relax, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Dunes, Arkutino, Garden, Goldfish and Kavatsite.

Azure seas, beautiful beaches, mild climate and beautiful houses of the medieval period. Charming and modern beach resort, perfect for holiday in Bulgaria! In this city you can enjoy a relaxing holiday by the sea, lots of fun for families and romantic atmosphere each. Come and visit the Old and New Town for your summer holiday! We offer an unforgettable experience in complex Green Hills, where you can stay and enjoy your vacation in one of the most beautiful hotels in Sozopol.

Only 2 km south of Sozopol Kavatsi area, between Cape St. Christ and Cape Agalina is located Alepu area where migratory birds nest among exotic dunes and marshes. The island of St. Thomas (best known as the Island Sneak), planted with cactus collection, is a place that you should not miss. Further south is the place Arkutino and Ropotamo River, where the largest sand dunes, commonly rare sand lily. Arkutino lake surface is covered with water lilies. Just 5 km north of Sozopol you can visit the resort town of Chernomorets (St. Nicholas). Lovers of surfing, fishing and cruises hunters will not be disappointed if you decide to visit Blacks. Only 6 km from Sozopol paradise waiting Dunes, offering peace and simplicity and beaches suitable for surfing and summer cruises. Dune is a relatively young club resort designed for family holidays and especially for lovers of peace.


The following facilities for pleasant holiday are available at disposal of the guests of Green Hills Hotel:

  • A splendid view towards the sea from each one of the apartments in the complex
  • Open-air swimming pool for the guests of the hotel
  • Children’s open-air swimming pool
  • Free use of sunshade and lounge
  • Private parking for the guests resting in the hotel
  • Each room of each one of the apartments subject to rent is equipped with an air-conditioner
  • 24 hour reception
  • Unlimited wireless internet access (Wi-Fi)


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