Rose oil as a national symbol of Bulgaria


Rose oil is part of the Treasury and one of the symbols of Bulgaria. It is prepared from roses by double distillation. The first roses started growing in Persia and then carry on the Balkan Peninsula, according to sources this is the work of the famous Alexander of Macedonia.

Rose oil contains over 300 substances that are very widely used in perfumery. Most cultivated rose oil in Bulgaria Rosa damascene, cultivated in the Rose Valley in Kazanlak.
To create 1 kg of rose oil needs to average 6,000 kg pink. To preserve the unique qualities of rose oil, it is harvested early in the morning at sunrise.

Bulgarian rose oil is known as the best quality in the world and Bulgaria is unsurpassed leader and supplier of 70% of all production. Rose oil is widely acknowledged by world famous perfume giants who used to give the perfumes more durability and specific flavor. The pink gold of Bulgaria serves to export from 1720 onwards, during which time he won numerous international awards for quality, which brought him worldwide recognition, extending all the way to the borders of Asia. Except in the perfume industry, rose oil is also used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. From him prepare various aromatic creams, soaps, shampoos, other lusioni body, and much more. It is known for its healing properties, some of which are – antiseptic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and even has the properties of an aphrodisiac.

Rose oil is highly revered for its unique qualities. In her honor was built Rose Museum in the town of Kazanlak. There are shown the original craft production and storage of rose oil. Reproduced and explained clearly is the whole process of processing and extraction of precious essences, while the aromatic and useful cosmetic and therapeutic products. The museum has preserved and primitive rose, which is active in May and June.

Every year during the first weekend of June, the festival is organized Rose Festival, which is selected by a jury and Queen of Roses. She heads the upcoming ceremony purporting to cultural tradition and hospitality of the Bulgarian people. There is also a fair in the city, punctuated with fireworks and lots of fun. In honor of the festival are recreated and traditional customs of picking. In conjunction with the Fair Rose presented and Thracian cultural heritage. The day ends with a procession, which include all the inhabitants of the town of Kazanlak and surroundings dressed in traditional costumes, creating a unique atmosphere for all visitors, who come to enjoy the festival.

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