Sozopol – the Eternal City


Characterization and brief history

Sozopol is beautifully preserved, ancient and picturesque part of the history of Bulgaria, located on a rocky peninsula in the southern part of the Bourgas Bay. Located only 35 kilometers from the bustling town of Burgas. Sozopol is one of the oldest Bulgarian towns, and the earliest settlement in the area dates back to around the 6th century BC. The first settlers of the town were the Thracian tribe skirmiadi. Archaeological research indicates active shipping since ancient times, it has found pottery and tools, used since the Bronze Age.

With the first name is called Anthea city, and later – Apollonia Pontica name given by the Byzantine Empire, the city was named after the god Apollo (son of Zeus. Apollo is considered the god of music, dance, poetry and prophecy . He is the leader of the Muses). Already in Late Antiquity the name was changed to Sozopolis, meaning “city of salvation, deliverance, or survival.” The city’s name was changed once during the Ottoman yoke of Sizeboli. After the liberation of Bulgaria, it receives its current name Sozopol.

In ancient times the city developed as an important transit center for trade and shipping in Hellas, as it shows the emblem of the city and that is the anchor. The city is fishing and wine center. Because of this, it becomes znchitelni resources, and also began to grow and is distinguished as the most important cultural center of the whole coast at that time. Today Sozopol is divided at the same time untouched by time, old and new part among them is amazing Marine Park.

The exquisite natural beauty of the city and its surroundings offer perfect conditions for the development of all types of recreation. The municipality has put a lot of resources to develop the potential of the city as a combination of a unique heritage and natural landscape and elegant waterfront and tourist infrastructure, small islands and majestic dunes make Sozopol attractive tourist destination for many tourists from around the world and Bulgaria.

The terrain in the area is hilly lowland facilitating transport network with an average height reaches 400 meters climate is Mediterranean, which is a prerequisite for the lovely summer weather with high temperatures, but windy and cold winters. Ideal for the tourist season months are from April to September, while those with the highest sunshine are July and August. The bottom of the beaches along the coastline is relatively shallow and it is quiet, the combination of which makes them very hospitable to many tourists.
The mix of historic architecture, comfort and luxury make a unique atmosphere for all, decided to visit the majestic Sozopol.

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