Terms & Conditions

To make a reservation with Sunworld Holiday Rentals it is necessary to complete the 
reservation form from the site. The client can connect directly with our consultants in office 
in Bourgas or send a fax to make a reservation. Upon acceptance of your reservation our
 consultant will contact you to confirm your booking and availability.

For any amount sent by bank transfer you will receive an invoice and payment in cash in our 
office and receive a cash bond. After full payment of the full amount the customer receives a
voucher, which is accommodated in the complex.

When you make a reservation, you acknowledge that you understand all contractual terms
and that you agree to be bound by them.

There are no added costs or taxes payable by the client. The client will only pay what is 
written on their voucher received at the time of reservation.

For a reservation with Sunworld Holiday Rentals you need to make an inquiry by e-mail, 
fax or phone. Within 24 hours you will confirm officially your reservation. Once confirmation 
is received it is necessary to transfer a deposit of 30% of the sum within a month or more
 before arrival. The entire amount shall be paid not later than ten days period before arrival 
at the accommodation. It can be agreed to pay the balance on arrival at reception but this
 must be agreed in writing with our consultant. After payment you will receive a voucher, by
 which you check in the selected hotel.

When booking a trip or holiday from abroad, the confirmation of the offer is made after the
 deposit at least 30% of package price! With each reservation, the customer must provide 
three of Kirilisa and Latin ID, passport number / ID, date of issue. The contract will be sent 
to the client at the expense of it. All customer data is kept under the Law on Personal Data 

You may Cancel your reservation up to 48 hours in advance of the date of Arrival with the
 following Penalties:

If Sunworld Holiday Rentals is notified in writing prior to the 48 hours notice there will be
 no penalty imposed. But if the reservation is cancelled after this period of 48 hours then the
 deposit of 30% will not be returned as a penalty.

If the client does not cancel the reservation prior to arrival and there is a no show this will
 incur a penalty of 50%.

In the event of inadequate performance of the reservation established during the stay,
 the tourist is obliged to immediately notify and familiarize Sunworld Holiday Rentals with 
the problem. All claims shall be marked at the place where the incident happened as the
 certified report signed by persons appointed or authorized to certify the relevant facts and 
circumstances. A maximum period for complaints must be within 7 days from the time of 
incident and Sunworld Holiday Rentals guarantee an answer within 1 month to the client.

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